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Got Questions?

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Insurance, Tips, Tricks


If you need some Life Insurance help, let us know.

I am sure many of us know the teachings of Dave Ramsey. He is a financial guru that seems to know his stuff. Ideally, Dave wants you to live a credit free (cash) life, and only invest in products and systems that will capitalize the investment. Sounds pretty smart! In fact, I personally have taken a few of his pieces of advice and they have worked for me.


I came across an article by Dave just yesterday, and although I can not argue with all the point he makes, there is one that I am very much against. One of Dave Ramsey’s principles is not buying life insurance for your kids. When I read this I had the urge to smack Dave upside the head. He, of course, would tell you that my reaction is because I am an insurance company and I need to sell this useless product to better my bottom line. After all, Dave says many times that Insurance Agents don’t care of you. This, my friends, may be true of other agents, but those 8,000+ clients of Fargo Insurance Group know better – we care.

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4d1a2781e6498.imageAre you in favor of saving a few dollars a month at the expense of risking your property?  If that’s you, you may want to continue reading this article on the perils of under-insuring your WV home insurance.

Gas Through The Years

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Insurance, Tips, Tricks

Interesting graphic put together by Nationwide Bank. What was the cost to fuel your car when you first starting driving? Looking for a few ways to save some fuel money? Give us a call, and we’ll see what we can do for the price of your West Virginia car insurance.

Learn about the history of gas prices and how an auto refinance loan can help.

Wide Open for Problems

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Insurance, Tips, Tricks

Like most responsible people, you have an insurance policy to protect your home and your cars. If you partake in RV camping or boat riding, you have the right insurance to protect those assets as well. Your extra careful, and the WV homeowner policy even has added protections for the business that your spouse runs out of your home. So, your all set, right? Nope.

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When looking for a job, benefits are important. With the ever rising cost of Health Insurance, and the ever declining health of our nation, benefits seem to be more and more of a decision making factor when looking for employment. You include on top of health insurance benefits, Life Insurance benefits and you have a winning combination, right? Well, some may say that. Others would differ.

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As an insurance company, we take our role in your lives seriously. People think of their insurance agents only when they have a claim to file or a bill to pay. We take that a little more seriously at Fargo Insurance. Over the next couple key strokes I want to talk about a controversial subject, yet one that is near and dear to me – Gun’s.  Continue Reading here…

Winter Weather Travel

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Insurance, Tips, Tricks

I keep posting blog articles to our company website blog, and then I think they are worth sharing with everyone. In an effort not to duplicate content on a second blog post of the same content, I will just post here advising you of the article. If you are one of us in the four state region who are enjoying our
 first winter bout of wet, snowy, icy weather – not counting the October storm – this may just be of some help.  As I left my house this morning I got to thinking about what some of my co-workers would be driving to the office in. This made me think of what the best vehicles may be for winter travel. For the answer, I went to Kelly Blue Book. Check out the article posted to our on-site blog. It may help keep your tires on the road, which will keep your West Virginia car insurance rates lower.

You can read the article by going to the Fargo Insurance On Site Blog.  

Just posted an excellent article you all should read on our on-site blog! It’s a simple click of the mouse away! Check it out, it may be useful information! Also, be sure to share it on FB, Twitter, and other sites! It could save you and your friends a lot of hassle!

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Gun Safety

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Tips, Tricks, To keep you on your toes!

You can read more about this topic on our on-site blog, but here are a few gun realted facts, myths, and tips.

According to the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, approximately 200 million guns are owned in America, and this number is growing daily. Every year, nearly 1,500 children die from guns and many many more are seriously injured.

Some facts that you may find interesting (or disturbing):

  • More Americans have guns than dogs.
  • 1 in 3 families with children have at least one gun in the house. That’s more than 22 million children living with guns.
  • Less than half of those gun owners with children leave the gun unloaded and locked.
  • Most victims of unintentional shootings are boys. They are usually shot by a brother.
  • It is split 50/50, shooting deaths occurring in the home versus in the home of a friend.

Myths about Guns:

  • Most parents believe their children do not know where they are hidden.
  • Many parents believe their children are not strong enough to pull the trigger.
  • Most parents believe their child could tell the difference between a toy gun and the real thing.

Gun Safety Tips:

  • Keeps guns unloaded and locked down. If you feel the need to keep your firearm loaded, keep it locked in a safe, NEVER tell your children the combination.
  • Guns should never be left within reach of a child, loaded or unloaded.
  • Keep ammunition and guns locked in separate locations, never together!
  • Never leave a child unsupervised with a weapon of ANY type.Although the below image has some humor involved,  lets be sure we are being responsible, and safe with any weapon we may have around the house!