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weatherradarepwfStorms can come fast, and make a lot of noise. It could be your dog acting slightly “clingy” or the distant roar of thunder, but there are ways in which we can quickly recognize the impending storm. The past few days, we’ve been rocked by a few storms. Storms bring with them a series of fire dangers as well.  It’s important to recognize the areas you should keep on eye on that may be fire dangers. According to the US Fire Administration, these are the biggest fire dangers as the result of a storm:

  • Lightning associated with thunderstorms generates a variety of fire hazards. The power of lightning’s electrical charge and intense heat can electrocute on contact, splitting trees and causing fires.
  • Pools of water and even appliances can be electrically charged.
  • Appliances that have been exposed to water can short and become a fire hazard.
  • Generators are often used during power outages. Generators that are not properly used and maintained can be very hazardous.

The US Fire Administration also asks us to remember:

  • Always use a flashlight – not a candle – for emergency lighting.
  • Some smoke alarms may be dependent on your home’s electrical service and could be inoperative during a power outage. Check to see if your smoke alarm uses a back-up battery and install a new battery at least once a year.
  • Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home and inside and outside of sleeping areas.
  • All smoke alarms should be tested monthly. All batteries should be replaced with new ones at least once a year.
  • If there is a fire hydrant near your home, keep it clear of debris for easy access by the fire department.

backToSchoolImageHead Back to School the Right Way!

Are your kids nervous about returning to school in the fall? As a parent, your goal is to guide them and let them know change is okay. However, do you also experience some anxieties during the weeks leading up to the school season? Perhaps you will find peace of mind with some of these helpful tips to make getting back to school smoother for all involved.

New Routine Means Adjustments: The school year brings about a busier schedule than your family is used to during the lazy summer days. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead, and start early with the adjustment process. Open communication and positive thinking will help everyone’s transition be much smoother.

Organization is Key: As the summer winds down, you can take advantage of this slowed down lifestyle. Get organized for the busy school year by gathering important information your students will need for classes, get their physicals out of the way, and update their school emergency contact and health information for the coming year. Also, you can start to think of creative and healthy meals your kids will enjoy. This way they can continue to be nutritious even when at school.

Gathering School Supplies: This may be your least favorite part of preparing for back to school. But it is important for your children to learn how to take advantage of sales, follow a list of instructions, and stay organized. It is always a good idea to buy what you know you will need early, if you can. Whether this includes new clothes or supplies such as notebooks, pens, assignment books, folders, and more, you can get ahead of the game to avoid stress once school approaches.

Our insurance agency hopes these tips will help your family have a smooth transition back into school. The idea of going to a new institution or returning to old friends with new experiences can be both exciting and nerve racking. Giving your children the confidence they need to succeed in the world of academia is the best gift you can give them. So help them head back to school the right way with organization, the best supplies, and some independence!

OMGRIP_Texting_FIGJuly 1st of 2013, West Virginia became the 36th state to make it illegal to use a cellular phone while operating a vehicle. Basically, the use of cell phone while driving is illegal if your doing so while holding the phone in your hands. You may use a hands free device. If your a teenager or new driving on a learner’s permit, it is illegal for you to use any form of wireless communication while driving. And finally, School bus drivers are prohibited from using any form of wireless device.
For more information on the WV Cell Phone Use fines and violations, continue reading the article by following this link.


Image from Eastern Panhandle Working Fires

Snow! Snow! Snow! Our Facebook news feeds are full of SNOW! Soon, the ground may be as well! Do you know how to combat the coming storm to better prepare your family and friends? To some of us it’s a joyful noise to hear about snow in the forecast, to others it’s a pain in the… well, you know. Regardless of how you feel about the white stuff, it’s important that you take a few precautions and preparations. Fargo Insurance Group put together an article on how to better prepare for a snow storm on the way! Read more about West Virginia winter storm preparedness .

Have you been told? There is a new law in the State of WV, and we want you to know about it! Read all the details here! 

I came across these seven myths. This is from an article that CBS did in October of 2009. I give you my take on what they have to say. First, I guess it would help to know what the myths they refer to are. 

The 7 myths that CBS refers to are:

  1. My Job’s disability will cover me.
  2. My homeowners Insurance will cover me
  3. I Don’t Need Long-Term_Care Insurance
  4. Only Rick people need umbrella coverage
  5. Low Deductible are Best
  6. I Need enough Life insurance to cover several times my income
  7. My auto policy pays for a rental carClick Here to Continue reading…

Highlighting a significant business partner. We welcome RMS to our partners program(find the FIG Partners Page Here) and look forward to working closely with them. Fargo Insurance Group has used RMS for our document management solutions for some time now and are thrilled with the service they provide. I strongly encourage you to get to know this local company! Welcome aboard, RMS! Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Every organization faces the ongoing dilemma: How do we solve the accumulation of paper and data records that seem to accumulate over time?

Documents have to be stored and maintained for at least a short time, but where and how? Records are highly confidential and must be protected from prying eyes. Records Management Solutions (RMS) are experts in the field of records management; offering organized, cost-effective services to organizations seeking document storage, imaging and destruction solutions.
Consider the advantages of using a professional records management firm to store, retrieve or ultimately dispose of your company’s vulnerable records:
•    Convenience
•    Efficiency
•    Confidentiality
•    Security
•    Affordability
Why Use RMS Shredding?
– Outsourcing shredding duties allows employees to be more productive in their core responsibilities
– Safety – even small machines can cause injury if they grab clothing or accessories
– Reduced capital and employment expenditures
– Employees are more likely to realize the value of discarded company information
– Company information such as payroll, correspondence, legal and employment issues should not be exposed to most employees
– In-house shredding will not dispose of large volumes of data and may prompt employees to circumvent the destruction process
– Prevent information from being leaked to the public
Organizations reap many benefits by utilizing RMS’s services, including: the reduction of clutter in expensive office space, a decrease in labor costs associated with record retention and an increased ability to locate records faster and easier.
Headquartered in Martinsburg, West Virginia – RMS is centrally located to properly serve the needs of organizations throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

RMS is a member in good standing with the National Association for Information Destruction Inc. (NAID) – an integral distinction that recognizes RMS as a credible industry organization, which offers professional document destruction services to customers and provides professional industry training for its employees.

  • 1 NASCAR® Nationwide® Series Official Jean Jacket (L)
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Example: “I will pay $3500 for the above items and my contact information is…”

Winner Will be Notified via Email and Facebook on May 7, 2012


100% of Proceeds Help Coach Grant

Why: Coach Mike Grant has been a constant positive presence in the lives of many young men in Jefferson County. It’s time for our community to give back as he battles cancer.

How: Send a BID and contact information to the email address below with the MAXIMUM amount you will pay for the below described items. In the event of 2 bids of the same price, the earlier time stamp on the email will win. (See picture above):

  • 1 NASCAR® Nationwide® Series Official Jean Jacket (L)

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  • Winners Picture taken with Danica Patrick*

All Items will be awarded as a PACKAGE. Winning bidder will be notified via email and the Fargo Insurance Facebook Page on May 7, 2012. 

*Danica Patrick is a cut-out likeness


Where: Ranson Civic Center

When: April 14, 2012 6pm – 11 pm

Tickets: $50 per couple



Mini Corn Hole Tournament

Silent Auction

$6500 in Cash Prizes to be given out, with a grand prize of $2500

Coach Mike Grant has been battling brain cancer since last fall. Come join the “Friends of Big Mike” in our effort to raise some funds for the family to help them through the financial burden that accompanies cancer treatments.

Coach Mike has been a constant positive presence in the lives of many young men in Jefferson County through JCYFL Football, and WHS football. Coach has given unselfishly of his time for our community for many years. It’s time for our community to give unselfishly to this role model, mentor, and friend to so many of our young men.

Contact Ronda Lehman @ 304-261-8070 or email w/ questions

Donations for the Silent Auction can be dropped at:

The Spirit, Studio M, and Jefferson Asphalt, all of Charles Town.

And The Locker Room of Ranson Shopping Center

Tickets are also available at these locations.

(Unfortunately this is not a “kid friendly” event)

What’s This SOPA?

Posted: January 19, 2012 in To keep you on your toes!

I posted a very similar blog to our Agency website this morning, but I wanted to share it with the followers of this blog as well.  Yesterday, you probably noticed,  if you went onto your favorite websites like Google, YouTube, or Wikipedia you were most likely greeted with a BIG difference. Millions and millions of websites were set up in an effort to protest a couple large proposed Congressional legislation. The largest know is a bill know as bill 3261 or commonly referred to as the “Stop Online Privacy Act,” or SOPA would significantly alter the galore of websites currently on the internet.

Many of the website that are joining in on the resistance believe that SOPA is the US government’s way of censoring the internet. Below is a short video explaining what SOPA is and how people feel about it:

Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a&gt;


This legal document could have a lasting effect on anyone that uses the internet. With social media and blogging at the forefront of the digital marketing orbit, your company can never be too careful. Invest in the proper commercial insurance policy to protect your company in case something happens.